our business

Our business

INEOS Oil & Gas UK business purpose is the responsible, reliable, long-term extraction of natural gas. Our strengths include our know-how, extensive geological and technological experience, using ultra-modern drilling and production techniques, and our commitment to research and development.

A fully integrated company

INEOS Oil & Gas UK is a fully integrated exploration and production company. Our focus is primarily on gas production.

We make a significant contribution towards securing the UK energy supplies by means of sustainably high domestic production levels. Our focus is the Southern North Sea and West of Shetlands.

Health and safety at the workplace take highest priority, as do environmental protection and social responsibility. All the company’s activities are strictly value-oriented and serve to increase earnings through improving operating efficiency.

Securing Natural Gas Supply

For decades, fossil-based energy sources have been indispensable for the development of the world economy. Despite the on-going expansion in the use of renewable energy, natural gas will continue to be amongst the world's major energy sources in the coming decades.

Natural gas in particular has a major role to play in the new energy mix. Natural gas is one of the most important raw materials for modern industry and society. It continues to play a dominant role as a fuel with 84% of British households currently relying on gas for heating.

By replacing coal in electricity generation gas can halve CO2 emissions. What’s more, it is indispensable in the production of plastics and other chemical products upon which society depends.

INEOS Oil & Gas UK Facts (2017 figures)

  • Office in London
    >32,000 BOE per day
    95% gas ratio
    ~120 employees
    5 Exploration licenses