Olefins & Polymers Europe at a glance

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Our Profile Introduction

  • Introduction

    INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe has the capacity to manufacture over 8.5 million tons of chemicals and polymers at our eight sites. These are used to produce a wide range of derivative products, which both enable and enhance many aspects of life today.

    We are Europe's largest olefin producer with four of Europe’s most highly integrated and differentiated crackers, based in France, Germany, Norway and the UK. We produce 5.5 million tonnes per annum of olefins and aromatics, and 3 million tonnes of polyolefins. From a broad technology base we are able to produce polymers which are specifically tailored to provide high value solutions to customers in our chosen market sectors.

  • Products

    Our products are found in industries and applications as diverse as:

    • Automotive components including body panels, tyres and fuel tanks
    • Bulk liquid containers and tanks
    • Leisure and sports equipment
    • Pipes - which carry everything from water to gas
    • Caps and closures for bottles and containers
    • Telecommunications and entertainment equipment
    • Fibres and textiles
    • Housing and construction
    • Power transmission cables and equipment
    • Medical equipment
    • Food packaging – containers and films
  • Sites

    Our eight manufacturing sites all have strong competitive advantages and benefits, including economies of scale, advantaged feedstocks, on-site integration with derivatives, proprietary technology and proximity to our customer base.

Partnerships Overview

  • Overview

    INEOS O&P Europe continually searches for opportunities to optimise and better utilise its considerable assets of land and infrastructure.

    To that end it continues to look for appropriate partners to take up available land, utilities and services on O&P sites for mutual benefit. Sites on which this possibility exists include Bamble, Norway; Koeln, Germany; Grangemouth; Scotland, Geel; Belgium and Lillo (Antwerp); Belgium.

  • Third-Party Contacts

    Third-party companies wishing to investigate this possibility further should contact the appropriate site – the details for which are below:

    Bamble, Norway
    INEOS Bamble AS
    Ronningen Industriomrade
    Asdalstrand 291
    3960 Stathelle

    Terje Christensen
    T: +4735577187

    Geel, Belgium
    INEOS Manufacturing Belgium NV
    Amocolaan 2A 
    2440 Geel 

    Jan De Belder
    T: +3232103520

    Lillo, Belgium 
    INEOS Manufacturing Belgium NV 
    Scheldelaan 482 
    B-2040 Antwerpen (Lillo) 

    Jos Vanduffel 
    P: +3232103700 

    Grangemouth, Scotland
    INEOS, Grangemouth
    PO Box 21, Bo'ness Road
    Grangemouth, Scotland
    FK3 9XH

    Frank Rourke
    P:+44 7775 536638

    Koeln, Germany 
    INEOS Koeln GmbH 
    Alte Straße 201 
    50769 Koeln 

    Christian Gabel
    T : +49 221 3555 26024
    E :

Vision and Values

Our Key Values
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    Best-in-class safety performance

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    Excellent customer service

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    Ethical behavior and business integrity

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    Continued reinvestment to grow our business

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    Continuous improvement

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    Encouragement of innovation, entrepreneurship and reward for achievement

Further Reading

Our History
INEOS O&P Europe continually searches for opportunities to optimise and better utilise its considerable assets of land and infrastructure.
This large polymers business serves five industry sectors that cover many everyday applications.
INEOS O&P is Europe’s number one producer of ethylene, which is today’s primary petrochemical component, used in over half of all finished petrochemicals and plastics. 
At INEOS Olefins and Polymers we care about the impact we have on the community and the environment.