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History made with Eliud breaking the 2 hour barrier

With metronomic precision, Eliud Kipchoge raced into history by becoming the first man to achieve the barrier-breaking sub-two-hour marathon as part of the INEOS 1:59 Challenge. The greatest marathon runner of all time Eliud achieved a jaw-dropping time of 1:59:40.2 to secure his moon-landing moment.



Eliud wants to inspire everyone to take the brakes off in their heads and believe the impossible is possible. On October 12th Eliud broke the last barrier in modern athletics the 2-hour marathon to inspire others to believe they can overcome their own personal barriers. He believes that #NoHumanIsLimited. Who sets the limits anyway? Inspired by Eliud's incredible achievement? Tell us your #NoHumanIsLimited story.


In my heart and my mind, I hoped to run under two hours and make history. I hoped to leave a positive message to the whole world that no human is limited.

Eliud Kipchoge The World's greatest marathon runner

Eliud's Story

"No human is limited. Any human being can go beyond his limits. Any human being can go beyond his thoughts. No human should be limited in his thoughts. Or in what he or she should be doing. Self-belief is critically crucial. I totally believe in myself. Believe in my team mates. Believe in my training. That's what pushes me beyond the barrier."

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The GO Run For Fun campaign is facilitating change. It is successfully promoting an increase in physical activity in children, as well as demonstrating the fun that can be found in exercise.

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The Daily Mile campaign is supported by title sponsor INEOS, which passionately believes in the importance of getting children active and healthy from a young age.

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As the Official Charity of INEOS TEAM UK, the British challenger for The America's Cup, we believe in inspiring young people from all backgrounds to imagine their futures differently.

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It is quite difficult to believe it's actually happened because it happened so quickly. That last kilometre where he actually accelerated and came through on his own was just superhuman. I can't believe he did it.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe INEOS Founder



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