INEOS Grangemouth site features live on BBC Breakfast News

The BBC Breakfast News team visited the INEOS Grangemouth site to see how oil and gas are converted into plastics that are extensively used in everyday life. From plastic bottles to toothbrushes and from carpets to components for the renewable energy sector, the polymers manufactured at Grangemouth are used in the UK and exported, supporting thousands of manufacturing jobs.

As part of their live broadcast from the Grangemouth site, the BBC made a short film explaining the steps that take gases (very similar to the those used for heating and cooking when camping) and processes them in to plastic pellets.

Fronted by BBC business presenter, Steph McGovern, the film used INEOS' KG ethylene and  polymers plants as backdrops as well as the KTN logistics facility where the plastic pellet is bagged prior to export.

To view the film, visit: