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INEOS Maastricht B.V., based in Maastricht, Netherlands, is a small chemical plant that sits on 4.8 hectares and producing 20.000 tons of mainly benzylalcohol. The sites has existed since 1983 and has around 24 employees. The activities have come into the INEOS portfolio during the acquisition of the PVC activities of the Tessenderlo Group in 2011 and was put into INEOS ChlorVinyls.

In 2013 these activities have been separated and grouped in INEOS ChloroToluenes together with benzoylchloride activities in Tessenderlo (BE) which provides the raw materials for the benzylalcohol production.The plant has continuously been debottlenecked from the original design of 6.000 tons. The markets served are solvents business, where the benzylalcohol is used in water-resistant paints and floor coatings and is not harmful to the environment. The products are used in the fragrance industry and has biocide applications in cosmetic industries. It also finds some particular applications in pharmaceutical applications.

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INEOS ChloroToluenes

INEOS ChloroToluenes is one of the top 3 Global manufacturers of Chlorinated Toluene Derivatives used in a diverse range of applications

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