INEOS “In…movimento” (in…motion) with the schools of Rosignano

INEOS Italia strengthens its bonds with local institutions contributing to In…movimento, a project of physical education in primary school classes of Rosignano Marittimo.

Following the success of Go Run For Fun, for the second time this year in Rosignano, and a series of meetings focused to work safety,  INEOS Manufacturing Italia contributes to another educational project, done together with primary school classes teachers.

The project concerns the pupils of pre-school and primary school classes, and it’s based on weekly meetings for the total of the school term.

The objectives are several: body awareness, the use of body language to communicate states of mind, the relevance of a correct lifestyle and fitness from a young age, the time/space interaction using more complex gym tools, in total control and safety and, finally, to understand and respect fair play.

Project leader is Monica Galligani who is responsible for physical education of 1° circolo didattico Ernesto Solvay and Paola Barontini, professor of 2° Circolo didattico di Marittimo, (now based in Livorno). The project will be carried out along with local sports clubs and organizations and the Agenzia dello Sport.

The classes will be held by experts (ISEF and Physical Education graduates) coming from other parts of Italy, with a final test – two days – which will be open to parents and families.

INEOS adds its contribution as a private sponsor to the ones granted by MIUR and the Comune di Rosignano Marittimo, showing once again its commitment to the district territory, especially when it comes to sports and fitness activities aimed to children’s wellness and health.