Weston Point


Weston Point

The production site for INOVYN sits on approximately 15 acres and is located at Weston Point in Runcorn, 25 miles south-west of Manchester. The site dates back to 1887 and has operated under several different owners before being acquired by INEOS in 2005.

One of only two vacuum salt plants in the UK, it uses multiple effect evaporation to produce dried and un-dried fine salt, granular salt and salt tablets. These are despatched from the site as both bulk and packed product, via ship and road. In addition to ISO9001 accreditation the site is accredited by both BRC (British Retail Consortium) and FeMAS (Feed Materials Assurance Scheme) and salt from the site is a key raw material into the food and animal feed sectors. Other uses include water softening, paper manufacture, agriculture, tanning industry, de-icing and chemical industry, particularly the chlor-alkali industry.

Operating At This Site


The chlorvinyls supplier of choice for manufacturers around the world