Derakane Resins for Chemical Processing

The material handling environment found in the chemical processing industry can be extremely corrosive. Material selection is critical, as reliability and maintenance are dependent on these choices.

Derakane™ epoxy vinyl ester resins were first invented by a leading chemical company searching for corrosion-resistant materials for their aggressive manufacturing processes. Now with over 50 years of proven performance, more and more design engineers and material specifiers are calling for Derakane™ FRP composites in new and replacement equipment used in their chemical processing operations.  

FRP equipment made with Derakane™ provides strong corrosion resistance and is an economical choice for piping and vessels transporting or containing acidic or oxidizing materials. A range of Derakane™ resins is available – our chemists work together with engineers to ensure suitability of materials in specific chemical environments. Correct choices upfront help increase service life and reduce maintenance and replacement costs. We strongly believe in this technology and even use it in our own facilities around the globe.

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