Modar™ resins, which are based on non-halogenated acrylic modified polymer chemistry, readily accept the addition of fillers, such as alumina trihydrate (ATH).

This improves fire retardance, cosmetic properties and economics in finished composites. Composites made with Modar™ resins offer significant life cycle cost savings including high strength-to-weight ratios, low maintenance, excellent thermal insulation and sound dampening properties.

When filled with ATH, Modar™ resins deliver unmatched low smoke performance. Fire retardant laminates made with Modar™ resins have met ASTM E-84 Class I flame spread index requirements and low smoke characteristics typically required by building codes. These same compositions also meet mass transit requirements as measured by ASTM E 662 and E 162. Moreover, Modar™ resins readily accept high filler loadings without substantial loss of cured mechanical properties. In the case of Modar 820 TC, the filled resin mix also exhibits exceptional suspension stability.