Yens Geubels Mechanical Engineer

Name: Yens Geubels

Job title: Mechanical Engineer

University/college attended: Catholic University of Leuven & Karel de Grote University College

Degree qualification and year of graduation
MSc Mechanical Engineering, Catholic University of Leuven, 2014
MSc Industrial Sciences: Electromechanical Engineering, Karel de Grote University College, 2011
BSc Industrial Sciences: Electromechanical Engineering, Karel de Grote University College, 2010


How did you find out about the INEOS grad scheme/your job, and what attracted you to apply?

A friend of mine started working for INEOS as a production engineer and was really enjoying his job. While doing my own research, I found out that INEOS is a still growing, impressive company with a lot of interesting challenges. For a mechanical engineer, this looked like the perfect company to start a career.

How did you find the application/interview process?

The application/interview process was organised in multiple sessions with a combination of interviews and tests. It was very structured, well thought out and gave me a professional impression. 

What does your role involve? What are some typical activities/key responsibilities?

My role involves being a focal point for Piping, Mechanical & Civil Engineering matters on site. I’m mainly working on projects and studies for improvement of the site, with a lot of responsibility on a timing, technical and financial level.

What other roles have you held since joining INEOS?

For multiple projects, as a mechanical engineer, you have to act as a project leader. Also, since safety is the number one priority for INEOS, safety briefings and audits are given and measured on a regular basis with colleagues.

What training have you received?

During my first year at INEOS Phenol, I received all kinds of safety, quality, technical, and management trainings. Everything is closely monitored in a training matrix. 

What do you hope/expect for your next couple of years at INEOS?

My first goal is to become a really experienced engineer by improving my technical knowledge, so that I can become better and better at leading projects. 

What do you most enjoy about your job?

What really attracts me at a job at INEOS is the variety. I work on a project basis so at any one time I can be working on such a variety of things.

What are the highlights of your time at INEOS so far?
What challenges have you faced in your role so far, and how have you overcome them? What support has been provided?

I’ve been here just over a year and have already been involved in some really key projects for the plant. The biggest has probably been the cracking project. A colleague asked me if I’d like to come on board to learn, but due to circumstances, he couldn’t supervise the project anymore and they asked me to take his place. To be given this opportunity by the company so early in my career and having all of my colleagues from different departments helping me was really rewarding and satisfactory.

What do you particularly like about working at INEOS, and would you recommend it to future graduates?

Apart from the variety, you instantly get a lot of responsibility at INEOS. This is something you don’t get that soon in other companies and gives you the possibility to learn and grow a lot on short notice.

I would definitely recommend future graduates to apply for a job at INEOS.