The Alternative Tour de France Challenge

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The Alternative Tour de France Challenge

AUG 2019

INEOS likes to challenge its people to go that extra mile for themselves and others. So running a cycling challenge to raise money for charity was always going to be a winner.

Once again INEOS taken on its own Tour De France Challenge. As the main Tour hurtled across Belgium and France, 1325 INEOS employees around the world, organised into 64 teams, matched every kilometre on every day for three weeks. The teams that completed every stage stood to win €2000 Euro to donate to a local children’s charity of their choice. Many of the teams completed the challenge and many completed the challenge many times over.

Here are some of the statistics:

  • 625,387 km covered
  • 15 x around the globe
  • 1325 people in 64 teams
  • 23 days

Participants that:

  • covered 50km+ 94%
  • covered 100km+ 87%
  • covered 500km+ 38%
  • covered 1000km+ 11%

526,825 m Total elevation gain = 323 MOUNT EVEREST

Challenge Stats

  • Rides 21,168
  • Sweat 19,272 litres
  • most km by 1 team in 1 day 2010 km
  • avg speed 24 km/h
  • avg distance 26.5 km
  • Ride Time 1070 hours

Winning Teams:

Seal Sands Slipstreamers - Drawn from teams that completed every stage

Team Cool Colonia - based on total km collected


10,151,058 KCAL burned

The winner of the INEOS internal team jersey competition is:

Kurt De Keersmaeker from INEOS in Belgium

€104,000 raised for charity from 52 of 64 teams completing the challenge

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