Recruitment, Development & Remuneration

We rely on the creativity, diversity, knowledge, passion, and expertise of our people to drive sustainable business success and achieve a competitive advantage. We want fresh thinking and new ways of doing things.

Our core guiding principle is to 'value and respect'. INEOS encourages an entrepreneurial culture where talent can quickly rise to the top and where people are rewarded for taking the initiative, as well as for their performance. We also place a large emphasis on 'healthy body, healthy mind'. Our aim is to provide an environment where everyone can develop to their full potential. INEOS is well known for its entrepreneurial spirit, and we encourage an adaptable, agile, and forward-looking approach to the way we do business. We want to develop that innate willingness to learn and push towards increasingly ambitious goals.

That means attracting a diverse range of the highest quality candidates for each available position, recruiting based on merit following the principles of equal opportunity. Through our transparent and fair recruitment process, all candidates are kept up to date on the evolution of their application and are objectively reviewed at each stage. We ensure that the staff who undertake our recruitment activities have gone through adequate training.

In each of our locations, where possible, we directly recruit local talent into our operations and business. These local opportunities are supplemented by Group-wide initiatives such as our Core Graduate Engineering Programme and our European Commercial Programme.