Recruitment, Development & Remuneration

Our recruitment strategy is simple.

We want to attract a diverse range of the highest quality candidates for each available position. We select on merit following the principles of equal opportunity.

There are many ways to join INEOS.

In each of our locations, we directly recruit local talent into our operations and business. The opportunities vary depending on location, but range from recruitment into specific posts to apprenticeships and direct graduate entry. These local opportunities are supplemented by group wide initiatives such as our Core Graduate Engineering Programme, and a European Commercial Programme designed to attract talented people who wish to pursue a commercial rather than technical career.

Recruitment is only the start. From the first day, induction, training and development begins and never finishes. For everyone, this will be focused initially around safety and job-related training. Depending on the role and individual, subsequent training would then cover enhancement of professional and technical skills and knowledge, development of personal and management skills and executive skills. Where appropriate, we support work towards externally recognised qualifications. There is an opportunity to formally discuss individual training and development needs with a manager annually.

Individuals also hold annual discussions with their manager to agree targets for the year ahead and to recognise and review performance during the year past.

Our remuneration strategy is to pay above market rates and to reward productive team behaviours. We have a fixed pay element set annually and linked to individual performance in a given role, and a variable pay element linked to business performance on safety and other goals. The actual reward structure varies by country and business, but in all cases we ensure that our overall compensation is competitive in the appropriate market.

Senior managers through to Board members are rewarded using global benchmarks to ensure consistent treatment at this level and to aid movement and progression within INEOS.



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