Responsible Care

INEOS is a signatory to the International Council of Chemical Associations Responsible Care® Global Charter.

Responsible Care

INEOS is a signatory to the International Council of Chemical Associations Responsible Care® Global Charter. Signing the Charter is part of our commitment to strengthening chemicals management systems, safeguarding people and the environment, and working towards sustainable solutions through our value chain.

By following the guidelines and measures of Responsible Care® we commit to safely conduct our business in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner, to utilise our capabilities responsibly and provide the foundation for development and capital investments.  The result: a steadily improving safety, health and environmental performance.

REACH & Customer & Product Stewardship

We work with all our customers to ensure that they have the information, procedures and facilities to receive, store, and use our products safely.

The European Union regulation on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) ensures that companies like INEOS manage the risk associated with their products and provide customers with the information they need to handle them safely. INEOS is fully compliant with all REACH requirements, and we often go far beyond REACH in the stewardship we apply to our products.

INEOS Nitriles is a good example, and reflective of practices across the Group. The business carries out a comprehensive technical and safety audit of each potential customer before deliveries commence. This check ensures that equipment, safety protocols and procedures meet our stringent standards and we work together to be sure deliveries can be received, stored and handled safely.

Our Safe Handling Guides and training videos help customers maintain the highest safety standards and our specialist technical teams are on hand to offer advice and support.

To ensure safe transport of our products, all Nitriles customers must use approved logistics service providers. We also audit safety standards at all of the major transport hubs that our products pass through, such as ports, terminals and warehouses.

INEOS Nitriles also holds Product Stewardship Conferences, in the US and in Europe, bringing customers together to review the latest developments in safety. These conferences are held at the request of sales representatives from any country. During such events, customers can be invited to take a tour of the nearby INEOS facility to see safety work in action, therefore adding real value to our ongoing partnership with them. (During 2020 and so far in 2021 these meetings have been virtual to meet COVID 19 restrictions).


Safety & Environment

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