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Profile Introduction

  • Introduction

    INEOS ABS (USA) Corporation represents excellence in polymer technology.

    Our broad product portfolio and experienced employees have a long and storied history in the styrenics marketplace, with several of our products considered to be world benchmarks in medical and automotive markets. Our organization responds quickly to individual customer and market needs by offering intelligent and creative solutions.

    We remain the one consistent presence in North America in these times of change - together we will be Partners in Performance.

  • Our People

    Most of our employees have spent their entire working careers in the chemical industry. We have always used best practices from our collective experiences, and we continue to look for new and innovative ways to serve our customers and their markets.

    The safety of our people and the plants where we work is our first priority, and our culture of continuous improvement is reflected in our commitment to protecting the environment as well. We continue to show improvement in reducing the number of injuries and the total emissions from our plants, and we remain committed to finding a way to prevent all incidents going forward. 

  • Culture of responsibility

    INEOS ABS (USA) Corporation remains committed to being a safe and reliable commercially-focused organization that customers can depend on for creative and cost-effective solutions to meet their needs, both today and tomorrow.

    We believe that the behaviors and activities that promote strong safety and environmental performance translate directly into sustainable business results: risk awareness and management; focus on daily delivery of objectives without compromising our long term principles; recognition of individual efforts that contribute to achieving our common goals; and open communications throughout the organization and with our customers.