INEOS Enterprises and Viridas join forces in major Jatrophe development

INEOS Enterprises has today announced it has entered into an exclusive strategic partnership with Viridas PLC (Viridas) to develop significant growth in the sustainable output of Jatropha, a perennial non-food oilseed used in alternative fuels production.

Viridas is pioneering the development of owned and managed Jatropha projects in Brazil and specifically the use of Jatropha Oil as a key raw material for biodiesel production, which is rapidly becoming the leading replacement for conventional fuel oils used in industrial and transportation applications.

INEOS Enterprises will bring to the partnership a significant outlet for Jatropha Oil through its ambitious strategy to become a leading global biodiesel supplier.

Jatropha Oil is a non-food feedstock for biodiesel production that can be grown on marginal land and needs only limited supplies of water, fertiliser and pesticides. Jatropha, which is crushed for oil extraction, will be planted and harvested using adapted agricultural technologies and systems. This will allow idle land to be planted with trees and for the pruning and harvesting to use highly efficient farming practices.

Comments Dr Harry Deans, CEO of INEOS Enterprises; "This is another exciting development in our strategy to become a major provider of biodiesel globally. We continue to explore opportunities to develop sustainable feedstock's for biodiesel production, working in partnership with growers, and this partnership is a further demonstration of our continued commitment to this rapidly emerging sector.

Stanley Wootliff, Chairman of Viridas comments, "We are very excited by the prospects for Jatropha in applications for alternative fuels such as biodiesel. Having a partner like INEOS Enterprises enables us to accelerate significantly our development programme to establish Jatropha as a truly sustainable non-food crop."

INEOS Enterprises is pressing ahead with its ambitious programme of investments in new world-scale biodiesel facilities globally, including the expansion of its existing operations at Baleycourt, France.

Viridas is currently progressing its own significant investment programme including the acquisition in Brazil of 250,000 Hectares of idle land, to be owned and managed by Viridas, for the contracted annual production of 500,000 tonnes of sustainable high quality Jatropha Oil.

Through this partnership INEOS Enterprises and Viridas share a common vision of developing their respective leading positions within the biodiesel supply chain, whilst at the same time providing agricultural communities with a new and sustainable crop, helping to create a non-food feedstock for alternative fuels production.


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