A global petrochemicals manufacturer, INEOS operates 194 sites across 29 countries, generates $65 billion annually* and employs over 26,000 people. Complementing our core business, INEOS is making an impact across a range of elite sports and becoming increasingly known to consumers, with the launch of the Grenadier (our uncompromising 4x4) and INEOS Hygienics. We make change happen.



INEOS Group is a global manufacturer of petrochemicals, speciality chemicals and oil products. In recent years our scope of operations has diversified with the launch of INEOS Automotive and INEOS Hygienics, acquisition of iconic British brand Belstaff and an ever-expanding sports portfolio. Comprising 36 individual businesses, we operate 194 facilities in 29 countries around the world.  We work with a blend of opportunism, commitment to our core values,  and a passion for adventure.


Employees around the world


Annual revenues*


Individual businesses


Facilities across the world


The INEOS Compass

The INEOS Compass was devised by Chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe as a fun way of attempting to capture how INEOS works, and why.

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What we produce

INEOS products are essential in the modern world. Incredibly versatile, petrochemicals are used in a wide range of end-market applications to save lives, improve health and enhance standards of living. Examples include:


Medical industry

Chemicals used in making pharmaceuticals; drug synthesis; antivirals; eye drops; hip replacements



Materials to keep food fresh and safe from contamination; liquid containers;


Communications and electronics

Smartphone casings and screens; circuit boards; cables and headphones;



Structural components to protect and minimise weight such as carbon fibre used in cars and aircraft; plastic fuel tanks; bumpers; headlamp lenses; tyres; brake fluid; antifreeze and screen wash liquids;



Insulation; safety glass; window frames; piping; protective paint;



Fibres and dyes for warm, comfortable and protective clothing; carpeting;


Paints and coatings

Paints for interior and exterior decoration and protection, from buildings to cars, planes and infrastructure;


Household Products

Shower and bath soaps and gels; detergents and cleaning products;



Gas transport pipes; hydrogen; solar cells; wind turbine blades and lubricants.


How we are organised

Each INEOS business has its own executive board which is responsible for all functions – Business Management, operations, procurement, IT, HR, communications, banking, legal, tax, etc. Boards are fully accountable for and empowered to manage their business and strategy in its entirety. The INEOS central office function is extremely lean, numbering only around 40 people compared with typically hundreds in organisations of comparable size. The federated structure and minimal hierarchy engenders an agile organisation in which internal communications and decision-making happen fast.


Our culture

Our first and fundamental priority is safety, health and environmental performance. We are highly focused on growth, EBITDA and top quartile economics. Fixed costs and cash are tightly managed. Our culture is entrepreneurial and defined by a lack of bureaucracy and politics. Being privately owned offers the freedom to take a long-term view, while a simple and decentralised organisational structure enables quick and efficient decision-making. Sports and fitness are integral to the INEOS culture, as are grit, rigour, humility and a real team ethos.

Safety, Health & Environment

INEOS puts safety, health and environmental performance top of the agenda at every business team and board meeting. It is a part of our culture that shapes decision making at every level of our organisation. We are committed to delivering continuous improvement across all activities in all locations, and to working with local communities and stakeholders to be a responsible neighbour. Our goal is zero injuries and product spillages, to be achieved through rigorous application of best practices and a positive safety culture in which we believe all accidents are preventable.

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Sustainability is fundamental to how we do business. It is a key driver of innovation in meeting the challenges associated with evolving societal needs. Our approach to sustainability encompasses six key areas: safety; climate; circular economy; people; communities and the natural environment; and governance. Our sustainability strategy is to develop and manufacture the products needed to address the evolving challenges of climate change, public health, resource scarcity, urbanisation and waste, in a way which drives us all towards a net zero emission economy by 2050.

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Our History

Find out more about our achievements and adventures since we began in 1998.

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Our Leadership

INEOS is led by its founder and Chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe and co-owners Andy Currie and John Reece.

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INEOS has sites around the world, catering to different businesses and requirements. View the interactive map here.

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Consumer Brands

Why would, and how did, a successful global manufacturer of chemicals venture into consumer operations?

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Charities And Foundations

Through our programmes, partnerships and philanthropic donations, INEOS supports a diverse range of health, education, conservation and...

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*Revenues include our equity share of revenues generated by joint ventures