A leading European Polyolefin Manufacturer makes unrivalled offer opportunity to access most advanced laboratory-based coating line

INEOS O&P Europe has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the application of its products; each year across our European sites we manufacture almost 3m tonnes of a range of polyolefins utilising propriety technologies to deliver high quality products to meet the exacting needs of our clients. 

As a leading manufacturer of highly valued polyolefin solutions for selected markets applications we are now offering unrivalled access to a combination of the most advanced laboratory-based extrusion coating line in Europe and a dedicated team with many years’ experience of our wide range of polyolefins. We have grown our position within the extrusion coating market with special focus on new innovative products. 

INEOS’ extrusion coating line, based in Köln, is semi-industrial scale due to its automatic splice, number of extruders and extruder size (3.5-2.5-2.0 and 2.0" extruder). It can be used to process and demonstrate different structures with products from our extrusion coating product portfolio: Coextrusion Coating, alternatively we have a great deal of experience in processing different polymers which do not belong to our own product range but which are necessary for some special structures (e.g. barrier polymers, adhesive polymers). The extrusion coating line is flexible enough to enable production of pre marketing material and small scale research and development to take place utilising different kinds of polymers and combination of polymers. 

Operated by INEOS’ own experienced team, production on the extrusion line is backed up by fast analysis of samples via a co-located fully-equipped laboratory. This provides immediate feedback to the client and enables any minor alterations to production parameters to be quickly addressed. In addition, because of short idle times and small sample quantities, trials on the line can speed up client’s research and development thereby reducing the period to scaling up to full production. Indeed, polymer screening tests can be carried out on a standalone 2" extruder with 40cm wide coathanger die with as little as a 10kg sample. 

Pierre Lasson, Sales Director at INEOS O&P Europe, said: “There are many benefits to working in partnership with INEOS O&P Europe and utilising our unrivalled experience, technology and presence in the polyolefins marketplace. This offer will give clients the opportunity to develop new and innovative products. With their wealth of experience and knowledge, our highly qualified and dedicated team can work with you to develop your processes, making them more efficient and providing solutions to any day to day issues you may encounter. We look forward to working with you.” 

Notes to clients: 

INEOS O&P Europe operates nine geographically advantaged production sites throughout Europe, which benefit from economies of scale and close proximity to feedstock and customers. 

There are highly experienced sales and technical teams and a dedicated Customer Service Centre in Köln which provide a first class service to clients, focusing on their specific requirements.

For more information on rates and availability of hiring INEOS’ extrusion coating line, please contact: Petra Hollacher, Technical Service & Development.

Phone: +49 221 3555 27530
Mobile: +49 151 1504698

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