INEOS O&P Europe shares support for Plastic Europe's Plastics Transition roadmap

INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe shares its support for the ‘Plastics Transition’ roadmap recently published by Plastics Europe, which for the first time unites our industry around an ambitious but realistic plan to redesign the European plastics system – accelerating the transition to more circular, lower emissions and sustainable use of plastics.

We agree that:

  • Plastics are a strategically important material for the European economy and will play a vital role in the net zero transition
  • Industry must continue to act to help create a circular plastics system, and to reduce CO2 emissions, but success will only be possible if all stakeholders work together to deliver change
  • A policy and regulatory framework that stimulates investment and helps close the competitiveness gap is needed urgently

Read more about The Plastics Transition roadmap. Go to the Sustainability section of this website to read more about the action this business is taking to reduce emissions and create a circular plastics system.


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