INEOS Polyolefins launch ELTEX® PF Metallocene product range

INEOS Polyolefins today announced the commercialisation of its ELTEX® PF metallocene product range, dedicated to film end uses. The ELTEX® PF metallocene product range will be added to the well established existing LLDPE product mix. This continues the strategy announced earlier in the year of up-grading and expanding the assets, with an increased focus on high-value, differentiated polymers

The ELTEX® PF metallocene product range will be produced at the Innovene 3 plant, located in Köeln, Germany using the INEOS Innovene® G proprietary gas phase process, together with the newly developed metallocene catalyst technology. A significant investment will be made to increase the metallocene LLDPE capability of this plant, while retaining the capability to produce the current C4-LLDPE products. 

The initial product range will include the grades ELTEX® PF 6212, 6130 and 6220 for blown and cast film applications, where PF denotes "Performance Film". This range of products exhibits a best in class mix of properties that enable film converters to make significant savings in their operations, and opens the possibility for the developments of new, differentiated film end products.

The products will be included as part of the ELTEX® PF family of leading products offered by INEOS Polyolefins. The ELTEX® brand is well known in the industry as standing for excellence not only in product performance but also for the co-operation between INEOS Polyolefins and end users to ensure that leading solutions are developed and offered to customers.

"The commercialisation today is the culmination of a long period of plant trials and extensive customer testing" said Bill Reid, CEO INEOS Polyolefins. "We are excited to offer this range of advanced linear low density polyethylene products to our customers, and look forward to working with them in the future to further extend and optimise the product range".

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