Innovators not Imitators

INEOS is not interested in following the crowd. And it never has been. It likes to lead from the front and sees change as an opportunity. A chance to innovate. A chance to find a better way to do something.

In their latest INCH article 'Innovators, not Imitators' they look at the topic of sustainability, through innovation.

A snippet or the article can be found below. You can find the full article by clicking here.

"INEOS are investing in hundreds of active projects on carbon, hydrogen, heat & power, renewables, resources and waste

Renewable raw materials, made from sustainable wood-based waste are being used to replace traditional raw materials originating from oil and gas based products. The resulting polymer products from INEOS contribute to measurable Greenhouse Gas (GHG) savings.

Innovation is not just about having ideas. It’s about making ideas happen...

Pete Williams, INEOS’ Group Technology Director, is in no doubt about that.

“INEOS continues to improve its sustainability, and its products help to improve the sustainability of many things we all take for granted in our day to day lives,” he said. “We want to be delivering valuable products to customers not just today but also in 10, 20, 30 years and beyond. So as a growing world sets its target to move towards net zero carbon emissions, INEOS will adapt and move with it to meet its needs, to overcome its challenges and seize new opportunities.”

To do this, innovation is key. At INEOS Innovation and sustainability are inextricably linked."

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