INTV 17 - Britannia launch - New Recycled Polymers - Circular Economy - 2019 Review

INEOS has made unprecedented investments and inspired historic achievements in 2019. The latest edition of INTV has been filmed at the home of INEOS Team UK our Challenger for the 36th Americas Cup. Earlier this year the team launched their 75 foot cutting edge racing yacht in Portsmouth. The programme is on location to find out more about the boat and the teams efforts towards victory in Auckland in 2021.

INTV video

We move to the K Fair in Dusseldorf Germany, to look at how INEOS is responding to concerns about plastic in the environment and greenhouse gas emissions. INEOS O&P Europe, INOVYN and INEOS Styrolution launch new polymers some based on recycled plastic and others renewable raw materials. We visit our new polypropylene pilot plant that has just opened in Rossignano in Italy and we learn more about this new ground-breaking technology. Tom speaks to Jim Ratcliffe and asks about his highlights for 2019.

As always INTV provides the latest exciting news from across the INEOS Group.

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