Lillo team take trip down Safety Street ahead of turnaround

Our colleagues in Lillo, Belgium, are doing what it takes to ensure an extended team of employees and contractors are ready to work safely during a coming turnaround – turnarounds are scheduled stoppages of plant operations for work such as maintenance, upgrades and cleaning.

Workers are being taken on a visit to ‘Safety Street’, a site path where they take part in conversations about critical safety behaviours using a series of banners and training materials.

The message is that there’s nothing more important than going home safely to the people they care about.

Helmet stickers are given at the end of the Safety Street visit, evidence that the induction has been successfully completed. These are a mandatory requirement for entering the zone where the work will take place.

The Safety Street material will remain on display throughout the turnaround, maintaining awareness of the behaviours.

The turnaround safety program also includes an e-learning program and safety booklet, in addition to the normal training and stringent permit to work systems.

The plant produces polypropylene and polyethylene used to make thousands of essential items, applying the highest standards for health, safety and the environment.

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