Meet us there! INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe at the Fakuma

Windsor will exhibit 2 Injection moulding machines from JSW (Japan Steel Works) with clamp forces of 1,400 kN and 3,500kN. 

Margarine cups will be molded on the first machine J140AD-180H model with our new INEOS grade 240-HP80 which is an advanced clarified random PP of high flow bringing an improved balance modulus/impact resistance/clarity. 

This new random PP grade uses the latest generation of clarifier, and offers opportunities for processing at lower melt temperatures bringing savings in energy consumption and an higher productivity thanks to shorter cycle times. Together these help reduce costs and support the molders sustainability agenda. 

The machine J140AD-180H model will be part of a compact production cell manufacturing margarine cups of 250 ml and provided with in-mold-labels. The 4 cavity mold from company SCS (Italy) is producing the margarine cups of size 120 x 95 x 35 mm with 0,38 mm wall thickness. The shot weight of 8g is run in a cycle of approximately 6.5s each. 

The handling device with an In-Mold-Labeling-System (IML) is from the company Campetella, Montecassiano (I) and places pattern labels into the mold. To secure the shortest cycle time possible for these thin-walled parts the mold is run with needle shut-off valves. Heat removal is made by a high-performance cooling device.

Netstal will present their high-grade injection molding machines and process solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiency and sustainability. 

Light-weighted closures of the sophisticated design type PCO1881 will be molded with INEOS' Organoleptic HDPE resin Eltex Superstress CAP508 on an ELION 2800 machine with the latest hybrid drive technology (electric and hydraulic drives). 

The closures will be moulded in a cycle time of 3.5 seconds using a 72-cavity mould from z-mold and an optical quality control system from Intravis. 

Eltex Superstress CAP508 from INEOS helps to improve the process thanks to a higher melt flow allowing an easy filling of the mould whilst improving significantly the stress crack resistance of the light weighted closures. ELTEX Superstess CAP508 is part of the new generation of high performance multimodal caps grades from INEOS and is available with and without slip agent. For more information regarding INEOS caps grades please visit us our website

Since the introduction of the beverage closure PCO 1881 in 2008 the weight of the product has been reduced from 2.45g to 2.3g for CSD (Carbonated Soft Drinks) and as little as 1.8g for still waters. This significant improvement is due to the optimisation of the caps design in combination with the development of HDPE grades with an improved balance of stress crack resistance and processing. 

The demonstration in collaboration with its partners, is Netstal's and INEOS' answer to the customers need for improved sustainability, raw material savings, higher process efficiency and lower production costs. 

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