Thin, clear and transparent

INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe has recently introduced a new range of polypropylene random copolymers intended for the injection moulding of transparent thin wall containers with very high clarity.

The 240-HP series covers a new generation of high performance materials that bring an unprecedented balance of properties to moulders producing thin wall food containers for fridge storage, houseware, media packaging, transparent pails, etc.

The new 240-HP materials offer the remarkable combination of:

  • improved balance of transparency, room temperature impact resistance and stiffness compared to conventional materials, opening options for down-gauging
  • excellent processability, allowing production of very thin wall containers while keeping good mechanical properties
  • increased productivity, as shorter cycle time can be achieved with these materials that combine a lower processing temperature and a higher crystallization temperature.

Benefits for the converters are substantial and immediate. For example, cycle time reduction by 10 to 20 per cent whilst keeping high clarity. This also means a gain in productivity, and considerable energy savings.

Also, with these novel materials, moulders are no longer restricted by the usual trade-offs, so opening up new opportunities for designing new containers, including capturing the full extent of light-weighting.

240-HP25, 240-HP40 and 240-HP80 cover a wide range of melt flow rates to ensure optimum fit with specific converters’ and end-users’ requirements. All products contain the latest generation of clarifying agents. 

Eltex® P 240-OR series of products has also been introduced on the market. It combines the outstanding balance of properties of 240-HP materials with the additional benefit of guaranteed organoleptic properties to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the food packaging industry.

240-HP80 will be running on a Windsor/JSW injection moulding machine, producing food trays with in-mould labeling at the K Fair, in Hall 13, stand B41.

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