INEOS Styrolution presents innovative styrenics solutions for automotive applications at K 2022

Frankfurt, Germany

Aesthetics up. Weight down.

  • Strong styrenics portfolio for automotive interior and exterior applications
  • New “SPF60” modification: Next generation UV stabilisation
  • Sustainable ECO products explored for first commercial applications
  • INEOS Styrolution’s ECO line of products for the automotive industry: Aesthetics up. Weight down.
  • INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, will present its new range of sustainable styrenics solutions at K 2022. Of particular interest for application designers in the automotive industry are new specialty solutions and sustainable plug-in solutions replacing virgin materials.

    While the automotive industry undergoes a transition embracing e-mobility and new fuels like hydrogen, brand owners also look for sustainable materials to be introduced in their next-generation vehicles.

    INEOS Styrolution aligns with the ongoing changes in multiple ways. The company develops innovative styrenics products to meet emerging demands and it manufactures sustainable drop-in products made from bio-attributed or recycle-attributed feedstock to reduce the carbon footprint.

    Christophe Ginss, Automotive sales director says: “With the upcoming end of life vehicle (ELV) regulation, we encourage our customers to explore our sustainable ECO grades. They are drop-in solutions for many applications and contribute therefore to a significant footprint reduction.”


    Styrenics portfolio for the automotive industry

    With the new “SPF 60” modification, INEOS Styrolution has introduced the next generation UV stabilisation for ASA high gloss, ideally suited for automotive exterior applications. The new grade offers best-in-class UV protection for Luran® S, less graying of parts, a significantly improved gloss protection after prolonged UV exposure and substantially enhanced color deepness.

    The improved high heat ABS grade Novodur® H701 has been developed recently to fulfil the increasing requirements for interior applications like door panels, pillars and covers for crash tests. Heat and impact resistance have been increased at a level to contribute to the passenger safety. This better performance allows also more freedom to the designers.

    Novodur Ultra 4255 is another typical solution from the ABS specialty family Novodur. Novodur Ultra 4255 is tailored to address the demands of automotive interior designs including glove box doors or centre and overhead consoles. Key features of the material include a low temperature ductility, high impact strength, high heat resistance and low emission. The material’s high flowability contributes to a good processability.


    Sustainable Styrolution® ECO materials

    At K 2022 in Düsseldorf, INEOS Styrolution will present results of first tests with the new Novodur ECO HH-106 MR30 grade in the automotive industry. Exhibits are expected to include a B-pillar and a rear light housing. The new grade contains 30% of mechanically recycled content.

    Other mechanically recycled Novodur ECO High Heat grades include Novodur ECO H605 MR30 and Novodur ECO H801 MR40. PCF saving is up to -28% and the recycled content is 30% and 40%, respectively.

    Mass balanced based bio-circular Novodur ECO solutions complete the range of sustainable Novodur Eco solutions. Of particular interest for the automotive industry is Novodur ECO P2MC B50. It contains 50% bio-attributed content. PCF saving is up to -71%.

    Novodur ECO P2MC B50 has been designed specifically for electroplating.

    With Luran S now also being available as Luran S ECO with up to 50% bio-attributed content, it offers an opportunity for automotive application designers to reduce the ecological footprint of their designs. The attribution process is certified by ISCC PLUS.


    INEOS Styrolution is the leading global styrenics supplier, with a focus on styrene monomer, polystyrene, ABS Standard and styrenic specialties. With world-class production facilities and more than 90 years of experience, INEOS Styrolution helps its customers succeed by offering solutions, designed to give them a competitive edge in their markets. At the same time, these innovative and sustainable best-in-class solutions help make the circular economy for styrenics a reality. The company provides styrenic applications for many everyday products across a broad range of industries, including automotive, electronics, household, construction, healthcare, packaging and toys/sports/leisure. In 2021, sales were at 6 billion euros. INEOS Styrolution employs approximately 3,600 people and operates 20 production sites in ten countries.

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