INEOS Styrolution presents innovative styrenics solutions for the construction industry at K 2022

Frankfurt, Germany

Insulation up. Energy loss down.

  • Broad range of sustainable ECO solutions available for applications in the construction industry
  • Entire new range of modifiers targeting the construction industry
  • INEOS Styrolution’s ECO line of products for the construction industry: Insulation up. Energy loss down.
  • New Luran® S Service Package
  • INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, will present its new range of sustainable styrenics solutions at K 2022. The construction industry will benefit from a range of new specialty solutions designed specifically for outdoor applications and from a range of new modifiers usable for a range of polymers.

    In addition to a strong innovative and comprehensive product portfolio, INEOS Styrolution offers an unparalleled customer support making the company a strong partner for projects of any size – from customized local applications to large-scale global offerings. INEOS Styrolution excels as global supplier of styrenics solutions, offers support to pick the right material for any given project and long-term global supply security. The services are rounded up by regulatory and compliance support and on-site global processing support provided by dedicated quality and technical teams.

    Peter Rath, Sales Director says: “Our focus is on making our customer successful. We are aware that our customers need more from us than just a convincing product. Therefore, we continuously strive to improve both our products and our services.”


    New styrenics portfolio for the construction industry

    Luran® S is an ASA polymer delivering superior long-term performance when exposed to UV irradiation and heat. Its low maintenance and high weather resistance makes Luran S the material of choice for outdoor applications like deckings and many others. Blending with PVC or capping on PVC, makes it is a perfect fit for applications like roof tiles, rain gutters or drainpipes.

    UV stabilisation has recently been improved significantly with the new “SPF 60” modification which is available for many of the almost twenty available Luran S grades.

    New is also Luran S ECO, INEOS Styrolution’s first sustainable ASA solution, with 50% bio-attributed content and up to 58% lower carbon footprint, depending on the selected Luran S grade. The bio-attribution process is certified by ISCC PLUS.

    Luran®, an SAN copolymer that is used in construction because of its balanced product profile with good transparency and dimensional stability. It is now also available as Luran® ECO, a drop-in solution based on a mass balance process certified by ISCC PLUS. The carbon footprint reduction for the new product varies between 77% and 99%, depending on the amount of renewable feedstock.

    Luran is also available in reinforced versions with glass fibre contents of up to 50%.

    Styrolux®/ Styroflex®, SBCs are used e.g. as transparent modifiers or additive for flexible flooring, are now even available as a 100% bio-attributed ECO option with neutral to even negative carbon footprint.

    Another significant innovation for the construction industry arrived recently with a broad range of styrenics based modifiers that address a wide range of polymers including ABS, ASA, PC, PP, PE, PS, PVC and many others. These new solutions are particularly attractive for the construction industry offering enhanced product properties and allow for improved processing. Modifications range from enhanced stiffness to superior long-term performance with heat exposure, better colour fastness and retention, UV resistance, dimensional stability, impact resistance and more.


    The new “Luran S Service Package”


    INEOS Styrolution is the leading global styrenics supplier, with a focus on styrene monomer, polystyrene, ABS Standard and styrenic specialties. With world-class production facilities and more than 90 years of experience, INEOS Styrolution helps its customers succeed by offering solutions, designed to give them a competitive edge in their markets. At the same time, these innovative and sustainable best-in-class solutions help make the circular economy for styrenics a reality. The company provides styrenic applications for many everyday products across a broad range of industries, including automotive, electronics, household, construction, healthcare, packaging and toys/sports/leisure. In 2021, sales were at 6 billion euros. INEOS Styrolution employs approximately 3,600 people and operates 20 production sites in ten countries.

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