BIOVYNTM PVC to be used in sustainable prosthetics for the first time

  • Fillauer – a global leader in orthotic and prosthetic innovation – recently announced the launch of the first-ever bio-attributed prosthetic foot shell, based on BIOVYNTM
  • By using BIOVYNTM, the foot shells benefit from a 100% renewable PVC enabling Fillauer to cut the CO2 emissions from the new product in half.
  • “BIOVYNTM continues to help our customers to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But it is doubly gratifying to see the use of our product in life changing prosthetic limbs that significantly contribute to improving so many peoples lives” says Inna Jeschke, Business Unit Manager Polymers at INEOS Inovyn.


BIOVYNTM PVC has entered a new market with Fillauer’s announcement of a new prosthetic foot shell using INEOS Inovyn’s PVC made of 100% renewable feedstock. Introduced as the world’s first bio-attributed PVC foot shell, the new product benefits from BIOVYNTM’s reduction in carbon emissions without compromising on durability and performance.

At first sight, the BIOVYNTM-based foot shell is very similar to its predecessor made of traditional PVC. Same colours available, same performance, same price point, same look and feel. The only way to differentiate it is through the small leaf imprint that lies inside the shell and marks its sustainable nature.

“Our new foot shell range is twice as sustainable and durable. This innovation reflects our unwavering commitment to reducing environmental impact while enhancing durability and performance," says Alexander Engstrom, Marketing Manager at Fillauer.

The PVC plastisol used in the prothesis is produced by OHLA Plast & Färgteknik, a long-term supplier of Fillauer. “When BIOVYNTM hit the market, we immediately contacted our customer Fillauer to see if we could offer them a product that would combine higher quality with a reduced environmental footprint”, says Dick Gustafsson, CEO at OHLA. “Fillauer was very enthusiastic and open to test new PVC formulation which would also include sustainable plasticizers.

Fillauer and INEOS Inovyn share the same commitment to provide innovative solutions that prioritise sustainability. “It is certainly a big honour for us, to see how Fillauer set their sights on BIOVYNTM as a unique opportunity to improve their product portfolio. With this new foot shell, they can provide more sustainable products while maintaining the same quality standards their customers have come to know them for,” says Inna Jeschke, Business Unit Manager Polymers at INEOS Inovyn.

INEOS Inovyn’s BIOVYNTM PVC is certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB). It has been impacting a growing number of industrial applications since its launch in 2019, ranging from automotive to construction. 


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