INOVYN announces suspension of last remaining mercury cellroom at Runcorn Site

In line with EU requirements to cease all mercury chlorine production by the end of 2017, and as part of its chlorine strategy, INOVYN has today announced its intention to close the “J Unit” mercury cellroom at its Runcorn Site (UK) at the earliest opportunity.

This follows earlier closure of two mercury units in 2006 and 2008 respectively.

As part of the plans, the Company will now conduct an extended reliability test of our Membrane Chlorine Plant at Runcorn Site, which is co-owned by INOVYN and VYNOVA, to establish that this asset can reliably meet INOVYN’s (and VYNOVA’s) production needs following the eventual closure of J Unit.  The reliability test is expected to be completed during Q1 2016.

As a consequence of the reliability test, production on J Unit will be suspended from early November 2015 onwards.  From this time the plant will be maintained in safe standby and employees will carry out ongoing essential maintenance work and make the necessary advance preparations for eventual closure should this be confirmed.

Comments Jean-Michel Mesland, Operations Director, INOVYN: “Ongoing investments we have made to increase output from our Membrane Chlorine Plant (MCP) at Runcorn Site have allowed us to bring forward preparation for the eventual closure of J Unit and this latest action is a very important step in achieving this goal.”

Other INOVYN production assets at Runcorn Site and elsewhere are not affected.


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