INOVYN helps protect front-line health workers in the battle with COVID-19

INOVYN, part of INEOS and Europe’s leading PVC producer, has joined forces with the Michel Cremer Foundation to supply much-needed PVC face shields for front-line health workers in hospitals across Belgium and Europe.

Using 3-D printers and its own range of copolymers, INOVYN is producing PVC headbands at its R&D laboratory in Jemeppe, Belgium. The headbands are then sent to a network of Fablabs, including Fablab ULB from Brussels University, to be attached to transparent PVC sheeting, which has been donated by Liveo Research.

The face shields are helping to protect front-line workers in the fight against COVID-19.

Dirk Dompas, INOVYN’s RT&E Manager comments: “We are very happy to help given the severe shortage of PPE for front-line health workers across Europe. With ready access to the specialist 3-D printing equipment and PVC raw material, we are working as part of a wider industry collective to underpin supplies of face shields during this global health crisis.” 

Christian Gibitz, Chief Procurement Officer, Liveo Research AG, commented: “We are happy to be part of this important initiative with INOVYN by supplying the transparent PVC sheeting. We hope this will make a real difference to those front-line workers caring for people with COVID-19.”    

Up to 10,000 face shields will be provided in the coming weeks. 

This latest initiative from INOVYN comes on top of other initiatives that its parent company INEOS is pursuing to help in the battle to defeat COVID-19. This includes the production and delivery of up to 600 face shields a week to NHS hospitals in the UK by INEOS Team UK, along with millions of bottles of INEOS hand sanitiser gel being delivered from 6 new dedicated production facilities in the UK, France, Germany and the USA.

In total, INEOS is now producing almost 300 different products that are being used in drugs, testing kits, ventilators and protective clothing in the fight against the COVID-19, helping to tackle every step from basic sanitation through to the search for a vaccine. 



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