London, 17 October 2019 - INOVYN has today launched its latest generation of PVC under the brand name BIOVYNTM, becoming the world’s first commercial producer of bio-attributed PVC using a supply chain fully certified by The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB).  

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Manufactured at Rheinberg, Germany, BIOVYNTM is made using bio-attributed ethylene, a renewable feedstock derived from biomass that does not compete with the food chain. 

BIOVYNTM is certified by RSB as delivering a 100% substitution of fossil feedstock in its production system, enabling a greenhouse gas saving of over 90% compared to conventionally produced PVC. 

INOVYN’s choice of an RSB-certified feedstock also demonstrates its commitment to working within the emerging bio economy, adding to the extremely strong sustainability credentials of BIOVYNTM.

Comments Filipe Constant, Business Director INOVYN: “Through our sustainability programme we are developing a new generation of PVC grades that meet both the rigorous product quality and performance needs of our customers, whilst moving us closer towards a circular, carbon-neutral economy for PVC.

“Driven by the increasing global focus on the circular economy, there is growing demand for a specialist, renewable PVC that decouples its production from the conventional use of virgin fossil feedstocks.  BIOVYN™ meets that demand.

“BIOVYN™ demonstrates that we can substitute the use of virgin fossil feedstocks without compromising the unique product qualities such as durability, flexibility and recyclability that make PVC one of the most widely used, sustainable plastics in the world.”

BIOVYN™ is expected to have numerous value-added applications across a range of industry sectors, including highly specialised end-uses such as automotive and medical. 

INOVYN has been working closely with Tarkett since the early stages of product development. The first application of BIOVYN™ will be by Tarkett, who will source it for a new flooring collection.

Comments Myriam Tryjefaczka, Director Sustainability & Public Affairs for Tarkett EMEA: “Our partnership with INOVYN illustrates Tarkett’s commitment to push the boundaries of sustainable innovation. Sourcing BIOVYN™ for our upcoming new flooring collection is a key step in our journey to shift toward a circular economy model and respond to climate challenges.”

Rolf Hogan, Executive Director of RSB, comments: “We are extremely pleased to see BIOVYNTM enter the market carrying an RSB certification, demonstrating its excellent sustainability credentials.  Offering a positive climate impact - in the form of a 90% greenhouse gas reduction - as well as proven social and environmental risk mitigation, this new product is a true leader in the emerging circular bio economy.”

Concludes Filipe: “BIOVYNTM is an excellent example of INOVYN’s ongoing commitment to accelerate progress towards a circular economy for PVC. It is also a major step forward in INOVYN’s journey to sustainability and demonstrates our commitment to developing innovative solutions that address society’s needs.

“In addition to developing new bio-attributed PVC grades, we continue to play a pivotal role in the wider VinylPlus® programme, through which the industry is collectively improving the sustainability performance of PVC.”



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