The Hope Project, developed by Gothenburg City, will build a ‘fossil-free’ preschool as part of the City’s long-term climate strategy.  It will use various sustainable processes and materials in its construction, and aims to bring together a range of sustainability experts, innovators, entrepreneurs and suppliers to deliver a truly sustainable community building.

Pipelife Sweden was successful in bidding to supply PVC pipes for the project, which will be used for drainage and sanitation when it opens in 2021. 

The use of PVC as the “material of choice” for pipes is already well established, thanks to the many benefits this highly versatile polymer has over other materials such as clay or metal.  PVC pipes are safe, highly durable (over 100 years), sustainable and recyclable, which makes them perfect for an extensive variety of domestic and industrial applications including drinking water, irrigation, sanitisation, electric cable protection and fire sprinklers.

Developed by INOVYN, BIOVYNTM is a specialist grade of PVC made using a renewable feedstock derived from wood-based residue from the forestry industry.  It delivers a greenhouse gas saving of over 90% compared to conventionally produced PVC as certified by The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB). 

Comments Inna Jeschke, Marketing Manager for INOVYN: “We are delighted to be supporting this sustainability project in partnership with Pipelife Sweden. 

“BIOVYNTM is the perfect material for this initiative.  It builds on the excellent pedigree of conventional PVC, taking it to the ‘next level’ by removing fossil fuels (and the associated greenhouse gas emissions) from its production.  It therefore fits perfectly with the key criteria set by Gothenburg City, which is to reduce its consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by 2050.” 

Ove Söderberg, Project Manager for Pipelife Sweden, commented: “We are proud to be working with INOVYN to supply PVC pipes made using BIOVYNTM, which is the world’s first commercially available renewable PVC. 

“The sustainable and innovative nature of this product was the perfect choice for us when specifying our PVC pipes.  To make the finished pipes, BIOVYNTM is being combined with other recycled PVC material, which adds even more to the already strong sustainability credentials of this flagship project as an excellent example of PVC in the circular economy.”



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