INEOS Acetyls in Europe

We are the largest producer of acetic acid and anhydride in Europe, delivering tailored solutions to add value to your business. We achieve this through collaboration.

INEOS Acetyls is the major acetic acid and acetic anhydride producer in Europe

Acetic acid

Acetic acid is one of the most versatile organic chemicals manufactured today. We offer a range of grades, all of which have strict quality control processes established

Acetic anhydride

INEOS Acetyls in Europe is a leading supplier of this important chemical used for a variety of reactions including acetylation and as a solvent for dehydration or nitration

Value-adding services

We offer tailor made solutions targeted towards your specific needs and industry demands. Our high quality products are supported by a range of tailored services

Responsive customer service

We offer an optimum level of dedicated service and attention combined with all the quality and expertise you would expect from a leading supplier. We promise to deliver responsive customer service which you can rely on

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