Our SHE Policy

Our commitment is to protect the health and safety of our employees, the communities in which we operate and the users of our products. We aim to meet or exceed all relevant legislative requirements and minimise the effect of our operations on the environment.

  • INEOS Oxide has embraced the goals of the chemical industry's voluntary "Responsible Care" programme, a continuing effort to improve the chemical industry's health, safety and environmental performance, and applies them to the entire business.
  • INEOS Oxide strives to prevent all accidents and injuries through the active participation of every employee. The company is committed to continuous efforts to identify and eliminate or manage safety risks associated with its activities. This commitment is supported by the International Safety Rating System (ISRS) INEOS Oxide is applying at all its sites. The Antwerp site excels as it achieved a level 7 rating in ISRS version 7, placing it among the top 5% of companies worldwide evaluated by an independent auditor (Det Norske Veritas).
  • INEOS Oxide is dedicated to produce environmentally responsible operations and has a long-standing commitment to continuous efforts to improve its environmental performance. The sites in Lavéra and Koeln have been endorsed by ISO14001 certificates.

Total Quality Policy

INEOS Oxide is committed to meeting customer requirements, both internal and external, for all products and services at all times.

This is a continuous process involving:

  • The identification of customer needs and the development, manufacture and delivery of products and services to meet those needs consistently.
  • Feedback from the customer on the company's performance and appropriate action to improve our quality performance.
  • It is supported by applying total quality management systems: all production and service units at our sites have now been ISO9001 certified for more than ten year.

ISO 9001 Zwijndrecht Certificate

ISO 50001 Zwijndrecht Certificate

ISO 9001 Koeln Certificate

ISO 14001 Koeln Certificate

ISO 50001 Koeln Certificate


Alkoxylated Products:

Production and/or distribution of alkoxylated products (tolling activities included)


Production and/or distribution of Utilities


Production and distribution of ethylene oxide + glycol (tolling activities included)


Production of acetate esters/glycol ether esters


Production and distribution of products manufactured on the glycolether unit


Treatment and disposal of liquid and solid waste


Production and distribution of ethylidene norborene


Distribution of ethanolamines


EMAS and ISO 14000 are both voluntary schemes to support the implementation of an 'Environmental Management System' and to enable companies to obtain external recognition of their systens, either through third party verification or self-declaration. 

The Flemish authorities have, even after consideration of the above mentioned systems, clearly chosen to impose an 'Environmental Management System' of their own upon the Flemish Cies. The requirements of the Flemish government are formally stipulated within the Vlarem Reulations (Flemish Environmental Regulations). According to this legislation, every three years, INEOS must undergo an evaluation of its Environmental Management System by an independant BELCERT- accreditated auditor. In the case of INEOS, the audit was perfomed by AIB-Vincotte.

For INEOS nv, this ‘Decretal Environmental Audit’ took place for the first time in 1998. The most recent report of this audit, which took place 20th September 2018, was approved and validated by the commission on 8th October 2018.

A copy of the certificate can be found here.

Since early 2020 the site in Zwijndrecht is preparing a roll out of the ISO 14001 standard system.


INEOS Oxide SHE REACHINEOS is committed to fulfilling its REACH obligations under its commitments to Responsible Care, free trade and in limiting risks of exposure to chemicals for health and the environment. Its businesses have registered with the European Chemicals Agency those substances subject to a REACH registration which are manufactured or imported in quantities exceeding 1 tonne per year.

It continues to work, alone or with co-registrants as required, to ensure that dossiers are maintained up to date and of the required quality and, where relevant, address activities pertaining to dossier evaluation, substance evaluation, restriction and authorisation. Where applicable, INEOS is also developing dossiers for REACH-like registrations in other parts of the world. If you have specific questions regarding REACH for the substance you purchase from INEOS, please contact the specific INEOS business.