INEOS Belgium

INEOS is one of the largest employers in the Belgian chemical industry. From Zwijndrecht, where INEOS started its first activities in 1998, INEOS built up its position in Belgium and as a global player. In Belgium, INEOS today counts 12 production and R&D sites and 3,050 employees.

Waiting is no longer an option

If we want to tackle climate change, we need to focus on solutions that dramatically reduce carbon emissions right now. With the best techniques available today. Project ONE brings this renewal. In Antwerp, so that we can make our chemical cluster here more sustainable and stronger. Find out how and why we do this.

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A sustainable cable network in your home: behind the scenes at INEOS & Thesla

Usually invisible but therefore no less essential: in homes today, dozens of metres of cables are processed in walls, ceilings and floors for lighting, internet, heating and other smart applications. They can last for decades and thus contribute to our comfort at home every day. 

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INEOS Sustainability Report 2021

INEOS has issued its new Sustainability Report 2021. Many initiatives in Belgium are also highlighted in the new report.

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Suppliers/ Contractors

INEOS has several branches in Belgium operating in different companies and belonging to various divisions within the INEOS Group.

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Find contact details for the Belgium sites and their retrospective businesses.

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Project One

Find out all you need to know about Project One and the plans for Antwerp.

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