Delivering “A Just Transition” – More than “just” Fuels & Chemicals

INEOS is committed to helping to find the scientific and engineering solutions to the climate challenge facing the world. Doing so means that there is a group-wide commitment to improving the way we manufacture and deliver the products we create. We are a global chemical company. Our products touch every aspect of modern-day life. We comprise 36 businesses with 194 sites in 29 countries throughout the world.

Published Date: 28th July 2021


You will find our products in GP surgeries, hospitals, pharmacies, offices, hotels, and homes throughout the world – Last year at the height of the pandemic, we built six production sites to supply millions of bottles hand sanitiser to thousands of hospitals free of charge to address a shortage in Europe and USA. We now supply this hospital grade hand sanitiser, based on our high purity ethanol, to the public from our new INEOS Hygienics business.

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INEOS produces chemicals that are used to produce retro/antivirals, antibiotics, steroids, anti-inflammatories, paracetamol/aspirin and the reagent chemicals used in COVID-19 testing kits. It also produces the plastics going into medical equipment, face masks, ventilators, sterile gloves, eye visors, respiratory care tubing. The list goes on and on...


ineos-food.jpgOur products are vital to farming – wrapping silage to feed livestock throughout the cold winters, enveloping fragile crops within a warm polytunnel cocoon, protecting young plants from weeds and bugs, etc.

We could not enjoy Scottish milk, delicious fresh strawberries and raspberries from Fife and Angus, nor capture the rather smelly methane from biodigesters without INEOS polymer products!

However, it does not stop at the farm – the containers for foods found in our homes, the packaging that extends the life of perishable commodities and other vulnerable foodstuffs are all made from polymers manufactured at INEOS Grangemouth. INEOS products ensure product safety and prolong usable life, thus reducing Food Waste which is a critical contributor to global warming - if food waste were a country, it would have the third biggest carbon footprint after the USA and China!


ineos-transport.jpgThe public may not be aware of the work we do behind the scenes, actively collaborating with transport and aviation design engineers who are always looking for lightweight composite materials embodying INEOS products which will make their designs fly off the drawing board and into reality!

The designers recognise that it is not just the INEOS fuels that power the vehicles we travel in, but increasingly it is our materials forming a critical component in their construction - making them lighter, stronger, and more efficient – all of which contributes to a positive reduction in GHG emissions, meaning every mile driven or flown is consuming less fuel and producing less CO2.


Polymer plant lab.JPGThe polymer products manufactured at Grangemouth are indispensable to the manufacture of car batteries, EV charging stations and the electrical insulation that enables car manufacturers to stretch the range of hybrid and all electric vehicles.

Our polymers make trains, buses, and planes lighter and more fuel efficient; car bumpers and fuel tanks are made stronger, protecting the passengers in the vehicles. Pellets that are converted to products that serve society, plastics that people need and nobody wants to waste.


ineos-renew.jpgYes surprising as it may be to some, we are at the core of the renewable energy industry. Our composite products help make wind turbine blades strong, flexible, and aerodynamically lightweight; our polymers have high insulating qualities allowing network connections not just for power but also to satisfy our growing demand for telecommunications and internet traffic. Polymer membranes enable gas capture in bio-fuel production and our plastics are the safe, secure material of choice for pipework and portable fuel containers enabling off-grid energy availability.


INEOS Laboratories are supporting SMEs close to Grangemouth, to help develop new products from household waste; equally INEOS group companies create polymers for landfill liners, recycling bins and the tanks and pipework carrying potable and grey water into buildings, whilst carrying away sewage. Increasingly these products can all utilise Post Consumer Recyclate in their manufacture (as much as 30+% and as high as 70% in our RecyclIN polymer products).


Hands and lego.jpgINEOS are a global chemical company. Our products touch every aspect of modern-day life. The INEOS group of companies comprises 36 businesses with 194 sites in 29 countries throughout the world.

INEOS Grangemouth produces the ethanol that sanitises your hands and is used in the production of vaccines and asthma inhalers; we also produce PE and PP polymers used in a diverse array of applications including packaging, household goods, textiles, film, healthcare, and pipe as well as applications in the automotive and electrical industries.

Sister companies within the INEOS group make the plastics for familiar toys… you can call that serious play!

When it comes to describing INEOS Grangemouth’s contribution to a greener future, one of our young graduates, Kathyrn Evans in FPS puts it well when she says,  

Energy optimisation is prioritised - we produce energy and products which are needed to support life in Scotland we aim to do this in the most environmentally friendly & safest way possible.