Water & Waste


Water shortage affects every continent we operate in, so we have a duty to use water responsibly for the good of society and the natural environment. INEOS is committed to using water sustainably and recognises the human right to water and sanitation. We strive to protect water as a scarce resource, reduce emissions to water, and continually improve the water efficiency of our sites.

It is our priority to discharge wastewater in full compliance with local regulations and to avoid groundwater contamination. We have a company-wide system in place to monitor water withdrawals and discharges, and many of our sites have environmental management systems in place in line with ISO 14001. We identify and implement opportunities to improve sustainable water management, throughthe recycling of process water. This helps to protect the natural environment and secure the safety, health, and wellbeing of our employees and people who live and work close to our sites.


INEOS is committed to monitoring and reducing its waste footprint and safely managing its hazardous waste to protect the natural environment, meet compliance with national regulations, and conserve resources. As a partner in the transition to a circular economy, INEOS plays its role in optimising resources and eliminating waste where possible. We have set targets to incorporate recycled content into our plastics and ensure all our plastic products are recyclable. We are investing in advanced recycling technologies to reuse or repurpose waste that is not suitable for mechanical recycling, and we take part in end-of-life reprocessing initiatives in our wider value chains.

Reducing, reusing, and recycling waste is standard practice across our business and sites. When onsite recycling or reuse is not possible, by-products are often valorised by third parties. Remaining waste that cannot be reused or recycled is shipped to specialist waste treatment facilities. Stringent procedures and safety checklists are standard across all sites. All personnel working with, handling, or transporting hazardous materials and waste are required to have proof of the appropriate specialist training.

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