Corrosion Science Center

The INEOS Corrosion Science Center (CSC) is a center of excellence to support corrosion applications based on fiber reinforced polymers (FRP).

The CSC is a forum where industry partners, end-users, design engineers and fabricators work with the INEOS corrosion team to grow the profitability and usability of FRP composites in corrosion resistant applications. Through the testing and tracking the historical performance of Derakane™ resins, the INEOS CSC assures the successful and appropriate use of FRP composites in demanding application. Support is provided at two centers of excellence globally - Dublin, Ohio and Kehl, Germany.

The focus of the CSC is to define the value of FRP in new corrosion applications as well as to support customers in existing FRP industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas, mineral processing, pulp and paper, and pollution control. The CSC’s rich blend of both commercial and technical experts solve complex customer problems through extensive laboratory and field corrosion testing combined with real-world case studies.

Contact the INEOS CSC at for corrosion recommendations.