Research and Development

INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst has close to 50 years of history of technology innovation and experience in developing and manufacturing polyolefins catalysts.

Our catalysts are used for the manufacturing of a broad set of advanced polyethylene and polypropylene grades around the world accounting for the cumulated production of tens of millions.

INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst has a global reach. The business is supported by 3 R&D centers located in the US, France and Belgium, and a pilot plants hub in Italy.

Key Capabilities

  • Catalyst development: catalyst and support design, synthesis, characterization, in depth testing, scale-up and commercial manufacturing
  • Polymerisation testing facilities: pilot plants hub mimicking commercial scale operation of a wide variety of process technologies, bench scale polymerization autoclaves, HTE (High Through put Experimentation) & HTA (High Throughput Analysis) test rigs for quick and cost efficient catalyst options screening
  • Organometallic chemistry, metallurgy, various analytical techniques including high resolution NMR, electronic microscopy, HPLC, SEC, ICPMS, XRF, elemental analysis, particle size analysers,…
  • Polymer processing and testing, material science including advanced rheology and mechanical testing techniques
  • Modelling and polyolefins process simulations; molecular modelling and simulation for chemical process (CFD), property prediction, and atomic-level behaviour of chemical systems
  • Wide process technologies expertise
  • Catalyst manufacturing excellence
  • Intellectual property management