High Court renews INEOS Shale’s injunctions protecting the public, its people, sites and supply chain

Shale activists challenged the injunctions but the Judge renewed them

The injunctions continue to prohibit unlawful acts by protestors including trespass and harassment. Any unlawful obstruction of INEOS Shale’s business, people or suppliers remains a contempt of court – including unlawful slow walks and lock-ons.

The injunctions will remain in place until a further hearing later in the year.

Tom Pickering, Operations Director of INEOS Shale said, “It is our duty to do all we can to ensure the safety of everyone on and around our sites including the protestors themselves. We are also clear that our people and suppliers have the right to come to work free from harassment and intimidation.”

INEOS Shale today went back to the High Court to ask it to renew injunctions granted in July. These injunctions prohibit unlawful acts by protestors including trespass and harassment, whilst protecting the rights of lawful and peaceful protest.

These injunctions are an essential tool to help ensure the safety of everyone on and around INEOS Shale sites and those of our suppliers, including the protestors themselves.

They also seek to safeguard INEOS staff and suppliers so that they can come to work free from harassment and intimidation.

The injunctions have had some minor amendments in order to aid clarity but they remain unchanged in substance.

Tom Pickering said, “We welcome the Judge’s decision to renew the injunctions and we look forward to presenting our case in full at the next hearing.”


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