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Climate CHANGE

INEOS is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement and has a companywide GHG management system in place to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050. All our businesses monitor and report emissions in accordance with the GHG Protocol and have dedicated emissions reduction roadmaps for each of their sites. Based on these roadmaps, we have set a company-wide target to reduce emissions by 33% by 2030 compared to 2019, whilst allowing for growth. This is an important step towards meeting our 2050 net-zero target.

INEOS’ site roadmap initiative and 2030 investment plans aim to drive down our GHG emissions, while remaining profitable. To back our plans and take advantage of opportunities offered by the evolving energy and climate environment, we will invest over €6 billion in the years to come. We pursue a broad range of initiatives including:

  • development of a new hydrogen business
  • production of clean hydrogen as a fuel
  • purchase of green power to run our operations
  • production of recycled plastics brands
  • use of bio-based feedstocks instead of fossil-based resources
  • continuous process optimisation
  • implementation of electrification and low-carbon technologies
  • capture and utilisation or storage of carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • partnering with our supply chain to reduce product emissions
  • investment in new assets to create a step change in emissions and energy use.

Alternative Energy Sources

Like many Governments around the world, we believe that hydrogen will be required for the energy transition. We have therefore launched a new...

Process Optimisation

Continuous improvement in energy efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions is in our "DNA". It makes for a cleaner environment, reduces our...

Carbon Capture Storage & Use

Although it is INEOS' primary goal is to cut emissions at source, we recognise that CCUS will play an important role in mitigating GHG emissions...

Alternative Sustainable Feedstocks

Several INEOS businesses have started to substitute fossil-based raw materials with recycled and bio-based feedstocks at commercial scale.

Climate & Energy Network

A critical element of our drive for a more sustainable business is ensuring that we capture and share best practice across the diverse range of...


Sustainability Reports

Our Sustainability Reports highlight the performance and approach to sustainability for our operations worldwide.

Sustainability Data

Tracking GHG performance across all INEOS sites based on robust performance metrics.