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People in our Communities

INEOS is committed to being a responsible neighbour and supporting local communities around our sites.

INEOS is committed to being a responsible neighbour and supporting local communities around our sites. We recognise that this underpins our licence to operate and is essential to the long-term prosperity of our business.

All INEOS businesses are required to operate according to robust SHE standards made clear in our Code of Conduct and SHEQ policy, both of which are designed to prevent incidents that could harm people in the vicinity of our sites or pollute the local environment. We consult communities about any development, and we seek to collaborate with neighbouring companies to strengthen local economies, use resources efficiently, and minimise waste. We have played a leading role in developing strong industrial clusters in Antwerp in Belgium, Cologne in Germany, Lavera in France, Grangemouth and Hull in the UK, Houston in the US, and Rafnes in Norway.

To minimise disturbance to local communities, we ensure that noise and odour pollution is kept to the lowest possible level around our facilities. Our sites perform regular measurements, either in their own right or through a third party, to make sure that any nuisance does not exceed the thresholds set by local legislation.

In addition to managing the impact of our sites on communities, INEOS is committed to supporting local causes and projects, with a focus on children, health, education, and access to grassroot sports. By working with schools, universities, hospitals, sports teams, local government, and charities we aim to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers and promote general physical health, wellbeing, and fitness. As well as providing funding, our employees contribute time and expertise directly to local projects.

People in our Communities

Charities and Foundations


Through our programmes, partnerships and philanthropic donation, INEOS supports a diverse range of health, education, conservation and grassroots sport initiatives.



INEOS products have several vital applications in healthcare, and promoting public health and wellbeing is central to our charitable aims too.


We are passionate about promoting health and wellbeing education for children, alongside supporting Science, Technology, Engineering and...


We believe strongly in being a good neighbour by supporting local communities around our sites and businesses.


Alongside our businesses’ ongoing sustainability commitments, we also support several conservation projects which aim to preserve wildlife and...


Sustainability Reports

Our Sustainability Reports highlight the performance and approach to sustainability for our operations worldwide.

Sustainability Data

Tracking GHG performance across all INEOS sites based on robust performance metrics.