Building a sustainable company that will provide a solid foundation for the next generation of employees is at the core of INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA.

Message from O&P USA CEO

Building a sustainable company that will provide a solid foundation for the next generation of employees is at the core of INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA. We remain committed to challenging the way we do business to provide improved safety and environmental stewardship, customer satisfaction, and economic leadership.

Our mission is to efficiently develop and transform hydrocarbons into basic chemicals, polymers, and polymer products. We continue to achieve success by aligning global demand for chemicals with a need for sustainable development.

Our dedication to safe and efficient operations is what guides our strategic direction. We have a long history of controlling and continuously improving our sustainability performance, with new goals for continuous improvement set each year.

Some of those commitments include:

  • Working towards a circular economy with our vendors and customers
  • Executing infrastructure plans to increase safety and reliability
  • Progressing workforce development initiatives
  • Capital investments to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions

We achieve our success through strong operating systems and broad management commitment that holds everyone accountable, is transparent and honest, and is committed to personal excellence.

Through the safety, environmental, economic, and social performance that this company has delivered, INEOS has attracted top talent and has been an employer of choice in our industry. We are committed to a reward and remuneration program that has facilitated our ability to recruit the industry's best talent. Additionally, we continue to be a strong contributor to our local economies.

We understand the challenges we face while building a brighter future for our people and planet. This begins with establishing an integrated, holistic business framework to reduce our environmental footprint. This entails analyzing every aspect of our operations to drive efficiencies that improve the use of energy, promote more recycling and reuse, and create more sustainable products. We must strive to achieve all this while keeping our employees safe, the environment clean and while delivering more stakeholder value to the community. That is our commitment at INEOS.

While we've made progress, we've got more work to do. And, we're ready for it.

Mike Nagle
President, Chief Executive Officer

Our SHE Policy

General Policy Statement

We strive to effectively manage risks affecting our business by establishing internal expectations that encourage a safe, healthy and secure workplace that protects our workforce, our assets, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

SHE Performance

At INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA the above statement guides our approach to SHE performance. We demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement in these areas through regular review of internal and external programs to ensure that they continue to meet or exceed regulatory requirements:

  • Our chemicals manufacturing sites participate in open dialogue with the communities in which they operate through participation in local Community Advisory Panels.
  • We are active members of area Mutual Aid Networks, and strive to ensure the safety of the communities in which we operate.

Because we care...

  • About the safety, security and health of our workforce, customers, suppliers and neighbors,
  • About the environment, today and tomorrow,
  • About compliance with the law, and
  • About developing a workforce of SHE champions,

We hold ourselves and each other accountable for SHE performance!



Driving Employee Development

INEOS Olefins & Polymers is staffed with a team of talented and motivated employees - people who are committed to our company values, and who undoubtedly are our greatest asset. They're excited about being part of Team INEOS and about the potential for success we all share.

Developing Sustainable Products and Technologies

INEOS O&P’s goal is to drive sustainability across all aspects of our operations from "cradle-to-grave". We approach this by finding unique ways to reduce the need for hydrocarbon-based raw materials, reducing our reliance on power and natural gas, reducing our emissions, improving the ability to recycle the products we make and by developing products that allow our customers to light-weight their products, thereby reducing their fuel and shipping costs.

Among our initiatives, we have invested in high density polyethylene (HDPE) technology to produce bimodal molecular weight HDPE. This technology provides significant mechanical property improvements that enable light-weighting of bottles, caps, films, and containers while delivering equivalent or improved performance characteristics.

Many of our new developments in polypropylene are focused on high melt rate (low viscosity) products. These products allow our customers to produce thinner walled goods for end uses such as drink cups or food packaging. Such technologies and innovation provide an immediate reduction in the amount of polymer required for the final product, thus driving improved conservation.

Leading Sustainable Operations

Two of INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA's core values are to work safely and operate responsibly. As part of these values we seek to minimize waste, reduce emissions, use energy wisely, and participate in the Circular Economy.

Our environmental and safety management program is grounded in discipline across all levels of our company and is based on the premise of no injuries to people and no harm to the environment. We employ a robust set of metrics and management oversight that includes external assurances around our policies and procedures with daily, weekly and monthly involvement in safety audits, engineering inspections, and process safety management. The Safety and Environment report is the first topic on the agenda of all of O&P’s board meetings.

Leading Chemical and Process Safety

Process safety management is essential to our success and it’s essential to provide a safe environment where our employees can work confidently and safely. We track our progress on process safety related action items to ensure potential hazards are identified and corrected. Additionally, we monitor regulatory and safety requirements for the use and handling of our products and ensure that safety data sheets and regulatory position statements are updated appropriately.

As stewards of the environment we monitor and evaluate ways to reduce emissions to air and water. We continue to look for new ways to reuse scrap product and reduce solid waste from our manufacturing operations.

Participating in the Circular Economy

Plastics are valuable, but no one anticipated the end of life consequences of plastic waste.  We’re participating in a circular economy by significantly reducing manufacturing waste through good housekeeping practices, designing new grades to improve mechanical recyclability, and investing in new technologies that help turn post-consumer plastic waste back into useful plastic products.

Sustainability Report

Olefins & Polymers USA's contributions to sustainability are included in the company's sustainability reports. Click here to view INEOS's sustainability reports.


icon_reachcompliance.pngINEOS is committed to fulfilling its REACH obligations under its commitments to free trade and in limiting risks of exposure to chemicals for health and the environment. Its businesses have successfully registered those substances which it manufactures or imports as required.


California SB 657 Disclosures (Human Trafficking)

It is INEOS policy to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. INEOS has identified no material risk of human trafficking or slavery in its operations and therefore, has not implemented any exceptional measures to combat such crimes.

CA SB657 Disclosures

Statement on Bill S-211: Forced Labor, Child Labor, Modern Slavery, and Human Trafficking

It is INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA policy to comply with all laws and regulations. INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA provides multiple mechanisms to allow for reporting of forced labor, child labor, modern slavery and human trafficking.

Bill S-211 Statement