Antwerp (Doel)


Antwerp (Doel)

The site in the harbour area of Antwerp, Belgium, was constructed in 1992 with its first product appearing in May 1993. INEOS acquired the Antwerp-Doel site in 2001. The initial capacity of 200,000 te/a was quickly expanded to 420,000 te/a four years later. In 2008, when other producers were contracting, production capacity was expanded further to at least 680,000 te/a of Phenol by installing our latest proprietary production technology. As a result, Antwerp became the world’s largest Phenol production facility.

Access to Europe’s premium shipping hub allows the business to supply all our cumene and the vast majority of our finished product by ship via our jetty at the river Schelde. The site has excellent storage and distribution facilities and has the capacity to store over 40,000 m³ of raw materials and finished product.

Our Antwerp site holds certificates for its quality, environment and energy management systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 international standards.

Operating At This Site

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