We’re continuing our emissions reduction journey and we’re committed to driving towards Net Zero.

Grangemouth’s Journey to net zero

INEOS and Petroineos own and operate one of Scotland’s largest manufacturing sites at Grangemouth. We recognise the importance of reducing energy consumption, waste and greenhouse gas emissions from our industrial processes. As one of Scotland’s largest manufacturers and employers, we acknowledge that we are operating a CO2 intensive industry and we have a significant role to play in helping Scotland reach its Net Carbon Zero target by 2045.

“Net zero” by 2045 at Grangemouth is a science-based commitment that means investment in reduction measures, changes in production processes, and efficiency upgrades. INEOS investment across the Grangemouth site in all operating businesses will contribute to a reduction of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) through practical measures that focus on 'at source' emissions.

In line with the Scottish Government commitment to meet the Paris Climate Change Agreement, this will mean INEOS will be climate-neutral in Grangemouth by 2045. It also accounts for the shared ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to at least 55% below 1990 levels by 2030. Since taking ownership of the facility in 2005, we have already reduced CO2 emissions at the site by 37%. We must continue on this journey.

INEOS’ businesses at Grangemouth have put in place roadmaps to lead the transition to a net zero economy by no later than 2045, whilst remaining profitable, and staying ahead of evolving regulations and legislation. Based on these roadmaps, we are setting ambitious but achievable targets for 2030 which are in line with our 2045 commitment in Scotland.

Andrew Gardner, CEO INEOS FPS and Chairman O&P UK, said: "The work continues to deliver our clear, achievable road-map to effectively contribute to a reduction of emissions from our operations which includes the investment in the New Energy Plant, upgrades to FPS and changes in our Petroineos operations. It will lead to increased usage of green power and clean heat, capturing and reusing hydrogen and CO2, further investment in electrification and where appropriate switching to recycled or bio-feedstock.”


We are committed to continuing our journey of progress in which many investment projects will add up to significant positive impact in terms of emissions reduction with benefits for Climate Change, our local community, our business partners and the country as a whole.

This website will feature regular updates on our journey, revealing insights into projects big and small that will help transform the future of Grangemouth while delivering the products that modern society demands. The stories will not just feature what is happening within the gates of our Grangemouth site, but will be taking you behind the scenes on the impact that INEOS as well as the products we make are making together with some of its business and community partners. We’ll include some of the most important stakeholders:  the next generation of change-makers in our schools, apprenticeship programme and our young future leaders. News stories will be categorised under 4 pillars, Economy, Products, Emissions and Energy & Resource Transition, all of which underpin the United Nations 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).


Economy - Supporting the economy and creating jobs

We work to enhance our beneficial impact and build strong partnerships in and around Grangemouth.

We support the local economy with significant spending with local service companies, and actively encourage contractors on major projects to source staff locally.

We work together with local and national government initiatives, especially when it comes to creating new opportunities for the future – be that for young people starting local apprenticeships or to generate new added economic value through investment partnerships.



Girls into STEM – encouraging the net zero generation

As the World focusses on meeting the challenge of Climate Change, and our Grangemouth businesses pledge to meet the Paris Agreement and the associated UK / Scottish governments targets (net zero by 2045), it is patently obvious that many of those engineers, technologists and entrepreneurs that will be ‘stepping up’ and addressing those challenges are currently sitting in classrooms in schools, colleges and universities.

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INEOS Fuel Change Challenges

Over the last four months, INEOS and the Scottish government collaborated with FUEL CHANGE to stage the Grangemouth Net Zero Challenge – an initiative that has sparked interest, insights and innovative ideas in equal measure.


Products - Making safe, sustainable products that a modern society needs and will enable net zero by 2050 (2045 in Scotland)

Our products improve the lives of millions of people every day. The sectors we serve include health & pharmaceuticals, agriculture, electronics & technology, food & beverages, construction & utilities, transport & aviation – in most instances the INEOS brand is invisible but the benefits received and experienced by end-users are very real.

The products we make reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions – strong, lightweight polymer based materials replace much heavier, higher energy intensive materials such as glass and aluminium; reformulation and light-weighting existing plastics reduces total carbon footprint and include increasing levels of Post-Consumer Recyclate (PCR) and we focus on innovative design of both product and process to enable better recyclability in the future.

We produce materials that are used in renewable technologies – including wind turbines, solar panels; lubricants to improve wind turbine efficiency and cable insulation to safely and effectively transport renewable electricity.

We are an important part of a successful transition from traditional hydrocarbon fuels and petrochemical towards a more sustainable future; our products, our processes and our investments will assist the safe and smooth transition to other forms of power/ energy. The Grangemouth site will play a key part of this 'just transition' to a lower carbon economy.



Breakthrough in the recycling of plastic

INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe and Plastic Energy have announced that they are working together on a trial to convert ‘hard to recycle plastic material’, such as flexible packaging, back into ‘food-grade’ quality plastic for use in food packaging, and other high hygiene standard applications.

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Partners in Progress: Recycl-IN

To the naked eye, a new grade of polyethylene from Grangemouth is no different to the other 30 or so (virgin) grades produced at the site. However, rLL9210 is the first of a new breed of hybrid PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) polymers. rLL9210 contains 60% recycled plastic.

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Emissions - Implementing emissions reductions across our sites

Continuous improvement in energy efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions is in our "DNA".

It makes for a cleaner environment, reduces our use of resources, and makes our business economically and environmentally more sustainable. It secures the future of our business for years to come to sustaining local employment and nurturing the skills required for a greener, brighter future.

Each year we invest £millions in ensuring we remain compliant, meeting stringent environmental standards. This includes Grangemouth investments new equipment, new plant and new operating processes that are designed to improve operational efficiency and optimise our emissions footprint.

We have a track record of delivering environmental improvements and have reduced CO2 emissions by 37% since 2005 when we acquired the site, with further reductions planned.


Energy and Resource Transition

We operate in a global market which means we have to be energy efficient and competitive across of all our operations. INEOS is pioneering new forms of smarter, cleaner energy and here in Grangemouth our New Energy Plant (NEP) project is at the forefront of a site-wide focus on energy efficiency. This includes the potential to use hydrogen from our own resources to immediately displace fossil fuels and to access the wider market as soon as it becomes available at scale.

We are committed to transition to net zero by 2045 in Scotland. The critical word is 'Transition'. We are moving quickly to continue to supply the products that society needs and to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions. None of this can happen overnight and it requires rigorous and planning with safe, agile project design and implementation to make today’s conceptual ideas the practical realities of tomorrow.

At INEOS Grangemouth we are constantly evolving. In the coming years our journey will be driven by our desire to innovate, combined with our drive and capacity to invest.


Our Sustainability Stories

Girls into STEM

As the World focusses on meeting the challenge of Climate Change, and our Grangemouth businesses pledge to meet the Paris Agreement and the...

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INEOS Fuel Change Challenges

Over the last four months, INEOS and the Scottish government collaborated with FUEL CHANGE to stage the Grangemouth Net Zero Challenge – an...

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