Tour de France challenge

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Tour de France challenge

€104,000 raised for charity by 52 INEOS teams around the world
DEC 2019

More than 1,300 INEOS staff from its sites around the world cycled 625,387km – and raised €104,000 for a host of charities.

Their combined efforts in the company’s Tour de France Challenge equated to cycling around the world more than 15 times.

In recognition of their efforts, INEOS donated €2,000 to the local charity chosen by each of the 52 teams.

Each team was challenged to complete each stage of the world famous Tour de France race – and once again they did, squeezing in their mileage before, during or after work.

  1. 625,387 km Covered
  2. 15 x around the globe
  3. 1300+ people in 52 teams
  4. €2000 donated per team
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