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Our People

We want INEOS to be a safe and rewarding place to work

We are committed to ensuring our people are valued and human rights are respected throughout our operations. In particular, the health and safety of employees, contractors, and visitors to our sites is our highest priority, given the nature of our processes.

It is also of great importance to us to maintain a working environment of mutual trust where all employees are treated with respect, compensated fairly based on local market conditions, and entitled to reasonable working hours.

All our employees and contractors, across our businesses, are required to follow our Code of Conduct, which governs how we manage health and safety, workers’ rights, equal opportunity in the workplace, working conditions, career management, training, harassment, and personal conduct. Our group-wide management of health and safety is also governed by our dedicated SHEQ policy, 7 life-saving rules, 20 principles of behavioural and process safety, and INEOS Group Guidance Notes.

As stated in our Code of Conduct, INEOS respects the rights in the International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We recognise employees’ right to collective bargaining and freedom of association, and we work to prevent any instances of forced or compulsory labour, child labour, or employment discrimination throughout our operations. All our businesses and employees must uphold these standards and report suspected violations as a priority.

In every country in which we operate, we abide by local, regional, and national laws regarding human rights. All our employees have the right to join labour unions, works councils, participate in collective bargaining or equivalent initiatives. On average, around 43% of INEOS employees globally are covered by a collective labour or bargaining agreement (CLA/CBA), which provides a formal framework for constructive engagement on fair terms and conditions of employment. The regional distribution of this coverage is as follows: 54% in EMEA countries, 13% in the Americas, and 32% in the APAC region. This reflects the diversity of labour markets and legal frameworks in different countries. These numbers vary from last year as a consequence of implementing improved data collection.

INEOS’ European sites participate in European Works Council (EWC) meetings twice a year and produce an annual report for the EWC. Committees and CLAs/CBAs are in place addressing employee and contractor health and safety, wages and working benefits, working conditions, recruitment, training and development, diversity, and equality, and more. In addition to works councils, some sites use union delegations, formal or informal team meetings, and safety committees to communicate with employees.

Employees who are not covered by CLAs/ CBAs, are covered by local employment laws to determine working conditions. Our sites have also put in place employee forums to ensure these employees can raise concerns through elected employee representatives.


Our People

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