A strategically located supply source in Texas City, TX, provides INEOS with improved security of supply, reducing transit time and costs. We pride ourselves on our ability to proactively and flexibly respond to customer needs.

Products Where You Are

INEOS Acetyls in the Americas offers an efficient distribution network to cost-effectively serve customers. Whether it is by sea, road or rail, our logistics professionals work tirelessly to ensure products arrive when you need them.

Delivered or FOB, acetic acid and acetic anhydride are available in bulk quantities by truck, rail car, barge or ship.

Smaller quantities are not a problem. Contact us to connect with one of our distributor partners, who can package acetic acid and acetic anhydride in containers as small as a gallon, a drum or totes.

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INEOS’ safety professionals are experts in the safe handling of our products, they conduct logistic safety assessments and audits to help ensure that everyone can go home safely at the end of every day.