Our Products

Acetic Acid

Acetic acid is one of the most versatile organic chemicals manufactured today with applications in almost every industry.

At INEOS Acetyls in Europe, we produce acetic acid on two plants. We manufacture three grades of acetic acid on site: Chemically pure, food grade and low propionic acid, all of which have strict quality control processes established. 

General properties:
Colourless, corrosive, flammable liquid

Readily biodegradable

Freezing point:
Freezes at 16.35⁰C

99.85% minimum

Acetic Anhydride

General properties:
Colourless, corrosive, flammable, pungent, lachrymatory liquid

Precursor chemical:
We ensure compliance with the regulation for manufacture and supply of acetic anhydride

Freezing point:
Freezes at -75.1⁰C

99% minimum

Ethyl Acetate

General properties:
Colourless, highly flammable liquid, ether like 'fruity odour'.


End uses:
Nail varnish remover, solvent for inks, adhesives and in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.


At INEOS Acetyls in Europe, we take safety and quality very seriously.

We are committed to the excellence of our products and have extensive measures and systems in place to ensure that we consistently offer only the highest quality products:

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

We operate under accredited ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management systems.

Laboratory Information Management System

Facilitating the process of testing at various points of the manufacturing process to ensure compliance to the product specification.

Process control

Using state of the art control systems to ensure consistent product quality.

Prior Cargo Policy

Our bespoke system designed to minimize the risk of contamination in the supply chain.

Quantity and Quality Control Manual and active auditing of supply chain

We have a robust third-party programme to ensure appropriate standards of quality control.