about ineos automotive

About INEOS Automotive

INEOS Chairman Jim Ratcliffe, a car enthusiast and experienced adventurer, first conceived of founding an automotive business back in 2015, when Jaguar Land Rover announced the end of production for the iconic Land Rover Defender. Lamenting the end of an automotive era with friends in Knightsbridge’s “The Grenadier” pub, he saw the retirement of the iconic 4x4 as a significant gap in the market- a gap for a practical, uncompromising, hard-working 4x4 which honours the Defender’s spirit and adapts its engineering for modern day compliance and reliability.

In 2016, the INEOS Automotive business was born, led by Jim and a visionary senior team of engineers, designers and offroad enthusiasts. Drawing on over two decades’ experience building a leading multinational manufacturing empire in the chemicals sector, Jim and his senior team are applying fresh perspective to vehicle development and manufacture- while drawing on a wealth of automotive industry expertise to bring to life a world class, uncompromising 4x4.

Projekt Grenadier” is INEOS Automotive’s first project- named for the pub it was first imagined in, and to reflect the vehicle’s rugged British spirit alongside it’s rigorous German engineering. The research and development of the vehicle, due to be released in 2020, is taking place between INEOS’ London base and Germany, drawing on offroading expertise from across the globe. It will also draw on international input from the 4x4 owning general public, as the journey to creating the car is shared online through the Projekt Grenadier website and social media channels.

The INEOS Automotive team are currently in negotiations to determine the most suitable location for the vehicle’s production.